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Every real estate photo will be processed. All images are shot in raw then colour corrected. Whether it's a simple sky replacement for images shot on a cloudy day or a grass replacement for a home that is near completion. It is something to be considered and budgeted before every shoot.


There isn't much we can't do in Photoshop these days and we have the best retouchers with over 20 years experience. Keep in mind that retouching takes time so depending on the complexity, additional time and cost may be involved.


The example above show a cropped area of an image before and after retouching. The red sign and the telegraph pole has been removed to show off the architecture of the building without the clutter.


In this before and after image of a newly renovated house, the sky was replaced and the pole removed to be able to fully appreciate and visualise the renovations involved. (Click image for a larger view)

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