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About us

We are small team of passionate and dedicated professionals based in the heart of Sydney. Our aim is simple, to deliver the highest quality in architectural photography for real estate, Sydney has to offer. 


We won't be in and out with an ultra wide angle, using a set formula to churn out images as fast as possible. This results in every images looking the same. Our aim is to properly represent and capture the 'feel' of the property. An honest representation of each and every home. This will not only save time in finding the right buyer, you will avoid disappointed customers. In time this relationship will develop into a trust for your brand.


Our aim is to make you the logical choice and a trusted partner when searching for a new home.


The Sydney property market is booming, we believe it will continue for many years to come. At Angle Jungle Photography we guarantee our work and if the clients aren't happy, neither are we.



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